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Poster de la escuela de Verano en Irlanda 2017
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Hombu Dojo Recognition

Since Monday, the 1st April the Canary Aikikai Aikido Association (CAA) has been officially recognized by the Aikikai Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo (Hombu Dojo). After over 26 years of serious work in the same orientation, we are really happy and full of honor, to continue our training and teaching in this especial art of aikido, Officially according to the rules and regulations of the Aikido world Heatquarter. By Sensei Gordon Brown established in 1986 and currently led by Rüdiger Welke, Francis Lorenzo and Xabier Kamio.

Especially for the unconditional support of our technical assistance of
Sensei John Rogers Shihan, who always helped us and advise us on our way, we would like to thank very much.

We have great appreciation for the support of all the teachers of the CAA that teach do their daily work, our students and partners, without whom it would be impossible to practice our wonderful way to spread. As well as to all other colleagues who had left us in the past few years, for various reasons, were at the appropriate time is very important and supportive.

Thanks to all

El progreso llega para quien entrena y entrena

Morihei Ueshiba

AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo Reconocimiento